Drums and Throat Slitting

How’s that for a shock value in a blog headline??? Alright before everyone freaks out…. this post is about my day playing drums at church, and the movie Sweeney Todd, which my daughter and I went to watch this afternoon. Weird combo? Yes, but that was my day so I’m not cleaning it up just for your sake, bokay?

This morning we rocked the house at church. I gotta say it felt really good to be back up there. I played with the metronome for the first time and honestly, it’s a great tool. It’s nice knowing that when you kick off a song, it’s exactly the right tempo. No debate.

The best part about playing today though just had to be hanging out back stage. I haven’t laughed so much in ages and I realized how much I’ve missed just hanging with everyone. So it was a great day.

After church Deanna was harassing me to go see a movie. We thought about I Am Legend, but I had already decided I wanted to read the book instead. It was written back in the 50’s and I have kind of a thing for science fiction from that time, so we decided to see Sweeney Todd instead.

This was an interesting movie. First, it’s a musical. I had no idea until Johnny Depp’s first line and so it was a little shocking. My first thought was that I was going to have to sit through two hours of High School Musical, but after a few minutes I caught the flow of things and really started to get into it. My daughter says it was an adaptation of a Broadway show, which was kind of funny because I’m sitting there going; “man this would make a good Broadway show…”.

Anyway, it’s a story about a barber in England during the 1700’s or so, who gets jailed by a powerful judge who wants his wife. The barber returns 15 years later to exact his revenge on the judge and the rest of society. It’s a Tim Burton movie so it’s really, really dark, and the killing scenes are more graphic than they needed to be, but Burton is just a master at creating rich, moving imagery and interesting characters. It’s probably not a movie for everyone, but my daughter and I kind of like these artsy, dark films, and we’re both big Tim Burton fans so we really enjoyed it.

So that was my day yo! Hey if you want something to do tomorrow night other than getting blasted and thrown in jail because you got caught at a checkpoint, we’re having a great comedy show at Clovis Hills. We went last year and it was a night full of absolutely hilarious, family friendly comedy. So check it out.