Back in the Saddle

That’s right boys and girls, I’m back! Last night I had my first full rehearsal with the church band in something like 3 or 4 months. But it was good to be back and able to jam with my homeboys and homegirls. Thanks goes to God for letting me get behind the kit again!

It actually felt pretty good. My wrist started to feel a little strained by the end of the night, but not on top where it hurt before. This time it hurt on bottom, and I think that was just normal strain from not playing a full rehearsal in so long. I’m also using heavier sticks so that could be part of it. I went back to my Evans aluminum sticks. They actually transfer less shock to my wrist since they are made with a plastic sheath covering an aluminum core rather than the traditional hickory. But I’ll probably have to go to a lighter weight to reduce the muscle strain.

One thing I’m digging though is playing my own kit. I got her out and cleaned her all up and man she looks good under the stage lights! We have a really nice DW kit at church, but we have 4 or 5 drummers and so everyone wants to re-tweak the whole kit every time they play. So I just figured I could set up my kit in less time than it takes to tweak that one, and this way I get everything just where I need it. Sweet.

One thing I’m going to try this week as well is starting the songs off to a metronome. Paul bought one to help some of the players on tricky songs and so I’m going to make use of it as well. I think I do pretty well at nailing the tempo changes between songs, but if there’s an opportunity to improve our performance and the gear is there, I might as well use it. I just don’t want anyone ever saying “that song is too slow” or”too fast” EVER again! LOL! I always think it’s funny how other musicians always seem to think THEIR timing is impeccable when we all know that everyone shifts a bit depending on their adrenaline level. But again, that’s why I’m going to use the metronome.

Hope everyone has a rocking weekend!