Wii: The Aftermath.

Holy crap man, this console should be illegal. After 12 merciless hours of bowling, tennis, golf, and other “games” being played on our family’s new Wii yesterday, I’m feeling it today. I actually had to quit earlier than I wanted to last night due to injury. Michelle and I were locked in a fierce battle on the Wii bowling lanes when I threw my freaking shoulder out attempting to clear a split in the 9th frame. I valiantly finished the game, but immediately retired to the bedroom to nurse my wounds. This morning I woke up and thought my right arm had been crushed by a semi or something. It hurt all over, and I couldn’t move it. I’m supposed to play drums this weekend at church and I nearly called Paul to cancel! But a super hot shower and a few Naproxen later, I’m at least functional.

This Wii is going to be the death of me, I just know it. It’s way too addicting to be considered a “toy”. This thing is nothing short of electronic heroin. Some might even be convinced that the Wii is actually a dastardly plot by the Japanese to destroy American productivity. Not that I’m implying such a thing. Regardless, it’s lucky for me everyone is sold out of Guitar Hero III, because I fear once I get my hands on that guitar, I may never again return to the real world.

Stay tuned…