Africa Blog #7

Well I’m back from team building! Yep, I survived, and I didn’t have to perform a “trust fall” or do role playing or anything. We had fun joking about Paul being mistaken for a pork chop by rabid dogs, sacrificing Alicia since she’s the only one that got the rabies shot, Frank not needing to pack shampoo, Allen finding a bride, me being the laughing stock white boy drummer in the birth place of the drum, none of us washing our underwear for two weeks. It was a productive day!

Despite the laughs and fun, there was some great information shared. Most of the day was talking about what means to go to another country and simply love people. How to humble yourself, open your heart to others, and simply get to know people and build relationships. And that’s some great stuff right there, because American culture is so driven by time, and money that we forget about PEOPLE. We also learned some practical information about the areas we will be visiting and talked about how to adapt to the culture and basically not make asses or annoyances out of ourselves.

So I’m pretty stoked about our trip. I just feel like God is going to do amazing things though and to us. We have a great team of people going and it’s going to be awesome getting to know them all better and sharing this experience together.