Home Alone

I hate when Michelle is traveling. Honestly, the house just feels less alive; cold, without her around. This is a long trip too, which sucks.

So this is how it goes when Michelle travels. The first few days are fine just because there’s a difference in routine. It’s kind of a little break where I can have more control over my day. You know how it goes; more people around means more people to care for. So with one less person around there’s a little time where I get to be more selfish. The TV stays off, I do more reading, I can do gross guy things without any negative repercussions.

Then about late into day 2 or early into day 3, it hits. I’m alone man! There’s nobody to talk to! I hear every single noise in the house and my warm home turns into what feels like a morgue . Honestly, I don’t know how my single friends do it. If I was single, I’d probably be one of those guys that is a “regular” at the corner bar and every time I walk in everyone yells “Dana!”, then I shoot back a clever quip before settling in on my bottomless mug. Or maybe I’d be the guy who sits in Starbucks for hours at a time with my laptop, “working”.

I mean, now I know why old ladies have cats. I guess for women there’s a certain allure to have something alive and hairy share your home. I suppose that’s why they keep us guys around. Though for me, I think I’d rather be alone than share my space with anything non-human…. or non-female for that matter. Unless she’s hairy… then I’d rather be alone again. Funny how we prioritize isn’t it?

Anyway, the house is not a total prison cell right now, my daughter is home and that helps. Although hanging with a teenage kid is pretty much a one way street. They don’t want to hear anything you have to say, and they won’t eat or clean themselves unless you’re there to force the issue. So at least I think I’m going to stay fairly busy, which is probably a good thing.