I Am David

Michelle and I watched a movie tonight called “I Am David”. I rented this movie only because it’s got Jim Caviezel in it. He was the guy who played Jesus in Passion of the Christ. I’ve seen him interviewed and he just has a way about him, a certain conviction, that just made me feel that if he was doing a movie, it’s got to be something worth seeing. Interestingly enough, this movie was filmed a year before “Passion”. I’m stunned that such an incredible film, went pretty much unnoticed, while other Hollywood “gems” get all the press.

This was probably one of the most moving films I have seen in years. It’s the story of a 12 year old boy, raised in a communist labor camp, who escapes with only a loaf of bread, a compass, and a mysterious sealed letter that must be delivered to Denmark. The most prominent instruction given before he embarks on this journey; “Don’t trust anyone”.

The film follows him as he sees the outside world for the first time and begins to experience something other than hardship, coldness, and brutality. And for me it just really started to soften my heart and remind me of the good things in my childhood that I have had the gift of experiencing but may have stored away on a dusty shelf somewhere; The pride a young person feels when father figure takes interest in you; The warm, soft, sweet smelling embrace of a mother; The fascination of first love. It was just a really emotional and intriguing movie and well worth seeing.

So as I was thinking about the movie I realized that I haven’t written about it, but last week we had a group of orphans come and perform at our church and it was an equally moving experience. I honestly believe that as we get closer to our Africa trip in January, that God is really just placing these kinds of things on my heart in order to prepare me for the things I’m going to witness and the people I’m going to interact with when I get there.

Anyway, check out I Am David. It’s well worth it.