What a Week

I haven’t posted all week because this has been the week from hell. I generally don’t like to write when I’m overly torked just because I tend to regret what I write afterward. So you’re going to get the sanitized, digest version of this week instead.

Basically it’s just been a stressful week. I have a project at work that’s sliding sideways, and that’s the biggest part of my frustration. Normally that’s not enough to flow over into my personal life but couple that with physical stress and a handful of other annoyances and the steam starts to build. Unfortunately, at some point it’s gotta blow. By Wednesday night that release came and resulted in the untimely death of a perfectly good computer keyboard and a mixing board worth several hundred dollars which is still sitting in my front yard in pieces.

So I think I just let things get the best of me this week. It’s really not like me at all. I rarely lose it, and probably need to learn to vent a little more instead of bottling things up. I also think I need to get back on the drumkit REALLY SOON because that’s a major stress reliever that I haven’t had access to in about 3 months.

Anyway, today is going to be a great day. We’re officially kicking off the Christmas season today by getting our tree and stuff. Should be a good time.

As a bonus, here’s a little video that made me laugh today. Enjoy.