Africa Blog #5

So we had our fifth Africa meeting last night and finished our study that we’ve been working on. Last night we talked about skills that we have and that’s a tough one. It’s always better for other people to tell you your skills because many times what we think we’re good at, we’re really not. With that said, what I bring with me, well… besides my striking good looks and humble demeanor… is optimism, a level personality, and the ability to listen and mediate. Optimism, because there’s very little that gets me down. I tend to deal with life as it comes and not get too bowed up about things I can’t directly control. Level personality, because I think I’m a pretty mellow person and I don’t get riled easily. And the ability to listen… I only say this because for some reason, people like to unload their problems on me. Which is totally cool, just don’t expect me to fix them! So I may be totally full of it and if I am, I encourage you to comment below!

We also did a piece on conflict resolution which I thought was humorous. Partly because Paul got kind of squirmy while talking about it, and secondly because at my age, I just don’t see myself getting bowed up because Allen snores too loud, or Frank borrowed my hair gel without asking. I’ve worked with some serious jerks in my life and managed to get along with them. Heck, I spent two weeks living with my parents this summer and helping them move. If I can survive that, Africa is going to be a walk in the park.

We also got some more details on where we are going to be living and what kinds of activities we’ll get to do. It is starting to get very exciting as it gets closer and things are firming up. Our next get together is for a full day of “team building”. This kind of worries me. Team building usually means having some over-energetic person try and convert everyone else into over-energetic people by doing stupid exercises that in no way relate to real life. Should be fun.