Closing in on 40…

Remember when you were young and you could do just about anything you wanted to and never feel any repercussions? When you could abuse your body and not have any aches and pains the next day? When you could eat Carl’s Jr, every single day and not gain an ounce? Those were the good old days man!

I’ve been kind of bowed up about my wrist issue. It’s finally starting to get better now that I’ve switched out my keyboard and mouse, bought some wrist pads, and adjusted my chair. But today I sat down and started coding and my eyes just started hurting. I’ve been getting headaches lately and today it just got to be too much. I have two 24″ monitors on my computer at work and I had to change the font on them to these big ol’ fonts so I could see without straining my eyes. Geeze.

It’s just kind of funny that over the course of 25 years of daily computer use, I’ve never had any problems until now when I am about to hit my 40th birthday. It’s almost like a magic number that your body senses as a signal to begin premature decomposition.

Ah well, I guess that’s life. But I’m still not going without a fight let me tell you. I guess its inevitable that I will someday be old. But I can delay looking old, and I certainly never have to act old! But I do know one thing; Regardless of what happens, I’m never going to do this: