Why Am I Not Suprised?

A few days ago I wrote about the Global Warming Farce that is really nothing more than a tool to redistribute wealth and scare everyone into spending billions on largely ineffective “Green” products. Well, today Al Gore joins a large venture capital firm to fund “green” companies.

So what this means is that Big Al is playing both ends as usual. Scream bloody murder and convince the world that there is a huge problem that needs to be fixed. Then turn around and sell so called solutions, at monstrous profits.

Now of course Al Gore says he’s giving his salary from this new venture to some climate group (which he’ll then write off). But we all know that many executives these days get paid in stock options and other perks, which he’s keeping of course. For instance, Steve Jobs of Apple makes only $1 a year for his salary. Yes, that’s one dollar. I wonder why Gore isn’t making his salary figure public?

This is not a crisis, it’s a money grab plain and simple. I mean, if the fate of the world really relied on resolving this “crisis”, why on Earth is this guy doing everything he can to profit from it? That money isn’t going to be any good to anyone if the world is destroyed, is it?

Maybe he knows something we don’t?


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