Give a Laptop for Christmas

Today is the official start of the OLPC project. OLPC stands for One Laptop Per Child, and it’s a program to put specially built laptops into the hands of children in developing countries. Now why on earth would poor children need laptops you say? Because education is the key to enabling people to help themselves. These machines can help facilitate that learning process while at the same time sparking the imagination of youngsters and letting them interact with each other and the outside world in ways they simply cannot do now.

The cool thing about these laptops as well is that they are not your typical fragile, crashing all the time, call tech support I’ve got another virus, Windows laptops. They are custom built laptops designed specifically for the environment in which they will be used and for the kids who will use them. They require very little power, can be charged via solar panel and are made to work in hot, humid and dusty areas. The software is custom written and provides web surfing capability, writing and math software, sharing and chat programs and even music and art creation software.

I think this is an outstanding program and it’s encouraging to see my industry take up a meaningful project such as this.  But we don’t need to sit idly by and let everyone else make a difference. The machines are being built but they still need to be sent to the children. Many countries have voiced interest in purchasing these laptops, but not all of those promises come through due to financial restraints affecting those governments. So we can help.

For the next 15 days the OLPC project is offering a Give One, Get One program. Basically you buy two of these machines and the OLPC will send you one, and send one on your behalf to a child in a developing country. Of course you can also just buy laptops and have them sent directly to needy kids.

So check out the following link and think about taking part in this revolutionary program.