Pat and Rudy Sitting in a Tree

So today Pat Robertson threw his support behind Rudy Guliani for president.

Big Deal.

Personally, I don’t care much for Robertson, or any of the major televangelists. I think the majority of them are more insterested in building and protecting their own kingdoms than furthering the Kingdom of God. I also understand why politicians want the support of Robertson and those like him. It means a lot of free publicity, and a lot of free cash and easy votes from those who will simply do what they are told by their favorite TV personality.

Having said all that, I do have to agree with Robertson that Guliani is the best we got given the choices. Yeah, yeah, he’s abortion-tolerant. That sucks. But I’m tired of right wingers basing everything on this one issue. I mean, what is a president really to do about it? The court has ruled. Sure you can appoint conservative judges, but Reagan and the Bushes appointed conservative judges and we still have legal abortions in this country. We need to start picking presidents because they are actually effective leaders, not because they can check the right boxes on the I Wanna Be a Republican Multiple Choice Exam.

I’m discouraged by all the candidates this time around to be honest. It just seems to get worse and worse every election season. Or maybe it’s because I’m getting older and have heard all this crap over and over and over again from dozens of candidates on both sides. It’s all so calculated. You know, the last time I was really excited by a candidate was when Alan Keyes ran. He’s the only guy I’ve heard speak in my voting life that seemed to me to have the same type of spirit, intelligence, faith, and integrity that many of the founding fathers, but very few since, seemed to posses. Unfortunately he never had a shot at getting elected. Black Republican President. Three words that just don’t go together in this country. It’s too bad.