Last night my kid and I watched the movie “Next”. Wow. What a mind bender that one is. It’s about a guy who can see into the future, but he can only see things that affect him personally, and then only 2 minutes ahead. As he fights to maintain a somewhat normal life, the government is trying to capture him in order to force him to help stop a nuclear explosion. It was a really cool movie. Suspense, action, and some really trippy “future-vision” sequences. I highly recommend it.

I’m a sci-fi nut anyway. The concept of time travel and things like that are just fun to let your mind toy with for 90 minutes. The movie is actually based on a story by Philip K. Dick. Most people probably don’t know who he is, but he’s one of the best sci-fi writers out there in my opinion. Many movies have been based on his stories including Blade Runner, Minority Report, Total Recall, and of course, Next.

What’s odd is that Dick died in 1982. So he never really got to see how famous his work would become. I haven’t read enough about him to see how well his novels did, but it’s a shame that for many great artists, the money and recognition only comes after their death. He’s an interesting cat though. What I have read about him is a little disturbing. The dude had serious mental problems and had all kinds of paranoid delusions and things. Apparently he experimented with a lot of drugs as well, and I’m sure that didn’t make things any better. But the guy was imaginative that’s for sure, and I enjoy his stories.

Check out Next if you get a chance, and pick up some of Philip K. Dick’s work. His website can be found at