Don’t we have enough acronyms in the world? NaBloPoMo… NaBlo-freaking-PoMo! That’s the most retarded acronym in the world, isn’t it!?!? I think I heard a drunk scream that at me during a gig once. Is it even really an acronym? Who knows? What that filthy mess of letters actually means is “National Blog Posting Month”. Um… yeah.

Basically what that means is that for the month of November, a bunch of people are committing to blog every single day. Apparently people who write novels have a similar exercise that they do every November and so bloggers decided to follow suit… because we are totally unoriginal I suppose. Or maybe it’s because when it comes down to it, we all wish we were GOOD writers. But then again, when you think about it, it makes sense. You can’t get good at something unless you do it all the time, right? But rather than expend a bunch of energy and write consistently throughout the year, let’s take one month to really practice our craft! Sounds good to me, so I’m in!

Now technically I can’t take part in this little excersize because I already missed a few days of blogging this month. But I figured if I’m going to be a true member of the blogosphere (aka. people writing crap nobody wants to read) I should take part for the rest of the month. Team spirit and all that. So prepare to be bored my friends!

Alright… Alright… this is not entirely true. Not every blog consists of boring drivel. There’s actually some interesting crap going on out there. In fact, apparently I’m actually the boring one! After reading all these other blogs I’m honestly half tempted to join a cult, divorce my wife, have sex with complete strangers (of various creeds, races, and/or species), start a jihad, vote democrat, have a nervous breakdown, switch careers, learn to read tarot cards, become a gay seminary student, cheat in fantasy football, and plan to sabotage my coworkers. Wow, there’s some crazy stuff going on out there!

So let’s be honest. I can’t claim to write anything as… *ahem*…. “intriguing” as all that, but I am dedicated to write something fairly thoughtful for every single day this month. Because… well, that’s how I roll, yo!

So bear with me dear readers, and prepare for… drumroll please… NaBloPoMo!!

You know, maybe that would be more exciting if it were Son of NaBloPoMo! Or maybe, Nightmare on NaBloPoMo!! Or, Curse of NaBloPoMo!!!