Bowling Rocks!

I love bowling. I really do. Tonight we had a break from the work sponsored bowling league and so I took my girls out to the bowling alley to get some practice. It was so much fun! Michelle and I had some beers, we all shared some chili fries, Deanna and I made up a secret victory hand shake, I bowled a 173… it was awesome!

And now I can kind of relate to my bros who are into golf. Bowling, like golf, is a sport that anyone can play, and everyone sucks at. So there’s really no pressure. It’s really about hanging out with folks. But what’s better about bowling, is that chicks play with the guys! So instead of sitting in a field with a bunch of crickety old, foul mouthed, hairy businessmen, I get to hang out at the bowling alley with my girls! Can’t beat that, yo!

So this has become a family thing now. We’re ordering custom bowling balls as I speak… er…. type… I’ll be bowling a 250 by Christmas!