Africa Blog #3

rock_the_horn_08Well alright! We had our Africa Team meeting last night and it was awesome. Things are starting to fall together and it’s getting more exciting, and more “real”, each time we meet.

Last night we watched an interview with Bono from U2 and he’s an amazing guy. I never realized he had such strong Christian beliefs, yet he still maintains his rock star edginess, and I like that. But here’s a guy that’s really doing important things with his stardom, and in the Age of Britney, it’s good to see rock stars who are grounded and making a difference. So it was an inspiring interview.

We also did a short study that kind of focused on our fears, about being humble in another culture, facing the uncomfortable and/or the unknown and things like that. And for me this is one great aspect of this trip. This is a real chance to exercise our religious muscles so to speak. Christians are always talking about faith, and trusting God, and love and goodwill and peace and all of that… and so now we get to see how much all those concepts really mean to each of us in a real demonstrable way. This is where the rubber really hits the road.

How will we deal with coming in a thousand bucks short on trip money? How will we react when we begin to miss our loved ones? How are we going to handle the different food, the lack of conveniences, being white in a black country and not speaking the language? How are we going to handle living shoulder to shoulder with strangers? How are we going to handle being spoiled brats in a country steeped in poverty? I’m excited to see, man. I really am.

Lastly, our shirts are in! We’re down to nine of us going now. It’s a huge commitment to do a trip like this in terms of time, emotion, but also money. Three grand a head is not a walk in the park for the majority of the team. So to help make ends meet not only for this trip, but for future missions trips, we got some cool t-shirts to pawn. We have two different styles using the logo above. One is a gold logo on a maroon shirt with the logo low and off center. Very hip. The other is a traditional rock shirt, white logo on black shirt. We have both in all sizes up to XXL. If you just want a shirt, they are $25 a pop with all the money going toward this and future humanitarian trips. Of course you can always donate any amount to the fund and those donations are tax deductible. Don’t forget to take advantage of that tax break!!

So if you want to help the team out by buying a shirt or making a donations, drop me a line and I’ll give you the details.